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Please do read my entire site before contacting me and consider my time when in communications with me prior to our meeting. I have put a lot of energy into providing a collection of information for you on my website.

I prefer an envelope, gift bag or other discrete way of handling my honorarium.

I appreciate honorarium upon arrival, placed on the table.

Please be freshly showered or you may use amenities provided to shower and freshen up upon arrival. I have also done the same for you.

Please leave time near the end of our visit to clean & freshen up before our meeting has come to an end.



Please honour our scheduled meeting by giving at least 24/hr cancellation notice otherwise you will be expected to cover the missed session.

Please make sure to arrive and end on time, my time is just as precious as yours and I make a great deal of effort to accommodate your every desire.

A lot of gentlemen enjoy giving me gifts and frequently ask what I like. I welcome gifts and I do love to be spoiled although they are not expected. Truthfully, the thoughtfulness really turns me on. You may find suggested gift ideas on my stats page.

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